Would you climb over 10 flights of stairs for 15 Skittles?

I love candy. It's a curse really. I haven't found a candy I can say No to - not even Skittles, which are arguably kind of gross.

Because I don't like Skittles, I used them in our movie decorations. That way I'd be less tempted to eat them. I am slowly weeding (and by weeding I mean eating) the candy out of our house so I can finally break this addiction. We had just 15 Skittles left in the house. Phew!

I was not going to eat them. They are gross anyway, right? Well, I thought about them constantly. Damn addiction.

Let me explain a little bit about our house before you understand the drama that was about to unfold. My house has three levels plus a loft that is up an additional smaller staircase. The Skittles are on the lowest level. My office is in the loft at the very top of our house.

I was working on my computer (on this blog - woo!) and thinking of candy. I remembered the Skittles 2 1/2 flights below me. I ran down the stairs, opened the heavy glass jar and took out 3 skittles. I ran back up 2 1/2 flights and ate them one-by-one.

Okay, that was enough. Nope - I was thinking about them again. I would go downstairs one more time. 3 Skittles in hand, back at the computer. You can guess what happened next.

I repeated the 3-Skittle grab 5 times. Up and down 2 1/2 flights of stairs 5 times. I was disgusted with my inability to say no to candy. Even with all that hassle in the way - 3 at-a-time, a bizillion stairs, being busy working....none of it mattered. I would have probably eaten them even if they were dirty.

With utter shame, I told my sister the story. She commented that I probably burned off the calories during my stair stepping. But I don't care about calories. I care that I ate garbage and let all that sugar (plus artificial colors and flavors) course through my veins.

Damn it candy - why are you so unbelievably irresistable?!?!?!?! The good news: no candy left in the house. Woo!


Chloe said...

I have the same candy addiction! haha. I could just see myself doing just what you did. It's a hard habit to break.

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