Veggie Go's Snack Review

"Mom, why can't I have fruit roll-ups in my lunch box? Everyone else has them?" Sound familiar? It's a common complaint at our house. The answer - as always - is that I care about what goes into their bodies and fruit roll ups are nothing but chemicals and sugar.

But they taste good.... Got it. Guess what - real food tastes good too! How can you have good wholesome snacks that are as fun as a fruit roll up? You can try to make your own (it works but it's messy) or you can give Veggie Go's a try.

We were lucky enough to sample almost all of the Veggie Go's flavors. I was naive enough to think we'd have extra to tuck into backpacks next week, but I was wrong.

Dried fruit (of almost any kind) stands no chance in our house. Take a look at the varieties available:

As soon as my children saw them, they recognized them as "fruit rolls" and wanted to eat them. Our hands down favorite was Mountain Berry Spinach. But surprisingly, both of my kids also loved Cinnamon Spiced Beet and Mulled Wine.

I personally love beets and was excited to have a beet snack. I just love beets. My kids have never eaten beets and really liked the flavor. Unfortunately, none of us liked the sweet potato pie or the Carrot Ginger. They were just too spicy. The Ginger was overpowering and we just couldn't get used to the sweet potato pie. And we love carrots, sweet potatoes and pecans. We didn't receive a sample of Sweet Pea Green Tea.

But I will definitely buy the other 3 flavors (Berry, Beet, and Mulled  Wine.) They were fantastic. And the best part - no added sugars, chemicals, preservatives, nothing. The only ingredients were organic fruits, veggies, and some spices (like cinnamon or ginger.)

I would feel good about sending this type of "fruit roll" to school. And I know my kids would eat them. Unless I ate them all first....

*This is a non-compensated post. I did receive complimentary samples of the above mentioned fruit snacks for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. Please visit The Naked Edge for ingredient and nutritional information.


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