Saving Money on Back-To-School

The prices of everything seem to be going up, but what about Back-To-School? Does it have to cause an arm and a leg to send your kids off to school each fall?

In my experience, it doesn't have to be expensive at all. To save the most money on back-to-school supplies, it's important to know what you have versus what you need.

Each year, our schools send out a list of supplies the students need for that year. They also happen to have that list (for all grades) online.

I print it out and save it in my supply cupboard.
As I see supplies pop up on sale throughout the year, I buy them and cross them off the list for my children's corresponding grade.

It works so well, that when we went school shopping yesterday, we spent a whopping $6.12 on all of the supplies we needed.

Over the last year, I was able to score free kleenex, clorox wipes, pencils, notebooks, and glue sticks. I was able to collect glue, erasers, markers, and backpacks at 75% off or more.

I buy big items like lunch boxes, thermoses, and back packs at the end of the back-to-school season, and never pay retail. That way my children can pick out the pricey character gear they want, and I can feel good about how much it costs.

I also keep an inventory of my kid's clothing. I know when they are going to need new shoes, jeans, sweaters, coats, mittens, boots.... The list seems endless, but if you keep on top of your inventory and watch sales, you should be able to stock up on clothing in advance.

And if you get it wrong in a few areas, so what. They'll enjoy going to the store and buying a new pair of shoes or a few new outfits.

I also prepare for school snacks and lunches. Right before school starts, I start planning things I need on hand - plenty of containers for holding fruit and veggies, forks/spoons, and a few convenience items for those mornings.

Yes, there are those mornings when you just can't seem to get everything in the backpack on time, and you don't want your children eating the lunch offered at school. I make sure we have a few convenience items on hand like milk/juice, cut up fruit cups or applesauce, little packets of baby carrots.

It's simple to throw together a fairly good lunch when you have a few easy items around. And having them on hand saves money.

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