OMG - PRUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been years since prunes have been in my home. YEARS! And it's not for the reasons you may be thinking! I am addicted to prunes. If I see them, I eat them. I eat them ALL.

I don't care if someone gave me a gallon of prunes. I'd eat all of them. I know what they do (bathroom-wise). I know how many calories and how much sugar they contain (naturally, but still). It doesn't matter. There is no rational way out of it. PRUNE=EAT.

And so when I first started getting coupons for these new D'Noir prunes, I threw them away. Okay, I recycled them. But eventually, the sales were too great. Plus, I've been trying to limit my candy intake so my mind was focused on sweets. So for $1.09, I succumbed to my prune cravings and bought this package.

Note the savage way the top was ripped off. I ate them in the car (yes all of them) before I even left the parking lot. And they were good......  I didn't even wash my hands after grocery shopping. OMG!

Clearly, I have a disease. I took the picture to remind myself of why I do not allow prunes in my house/car/hands/vision. Why do they have to be so tasty?


Working Mommy said...

I'm not a fan of prunes...Hawaiian bread, on the other hand, I can down in no time flat!


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