Never buy flower or herb seeds again!

When plants bolt, my first inclination is to get angry. It makes the plant taste horrible and it usually means I rip the plant out of the ground and into the compost.

But last year, I decided to see what would happen if I let the plant go all the way to seed. I tried it with my spinach and cilantro. In the end, I lost the spinach seeds, but saved just a handful of the cilantro seeds (of the thousands!)
From just this batch of seeds, I grew what turned out to be a forest of cilantro. Well, it's hot outside and you'll never guess who's already bolted. Yep, the cilantro.
Part of the flowering cilantro "forest"

But this year, I have no worries. I'm going to let some of it reseed to make new plants and the rest of the seeds will be gathered up and saved for next year.

I do the same thing with our flowers. I have been planting, saving, and replanting the same Marigold batch for the last 3 years. If I could only get my hands on a few giant zinnia seeds....


ohkeeka said...

My basil just bolted and I got upset about it too. I really should have saved the seeds!

I can't believe your forest of cilantro. When I've tried to grow it, I get a sickly little plant that bolts right away and never produces anything we can eat. You must have a green thumb. :)

Angela said...

Or I have super low heat (zone 4) so it takes a while for plants to get enough heat to cause bolting. :)

Midnite Skys said...

I planted early to keep that from happening. My herbs didn't do well but my tomatoes are doing great... The heat wave and the rain for days rotten my squash.

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