Learning to Fight - Brace for Impact

Maybe it's been a while since your last fight or maybe you've never hit anyone in your life! Either way, if you haven't hit anybody in awhile (a good thing) then you may need to get yourself back into fighting condition.

Oddly, I haven't thrown a real punch since childhood. Even then, there was a lot more wrestling than actual hitting. At least on my end.

So imagine my surprise when I started hitting again. The impact hurts. It jars your bones and rattles your brain.  It kind of reminds me of shooting a gun. Everyone thinks they know how to do it (you know, by watching movies) but when you actually shoot a gun, the power and the kickback are alarming.

It's the same with punching. I do a lot of punching and kicking when I work out to cardio kickboxing videos. It's not the same. We recently added this guy to our gym and I've been feeling what a real punch is like.
And of course, the only way to brace for what it feels like to get hit is to get hit.  We've done a little role playing lately to prepare my son for bullying incidents and let me tell you that getting hit is not so fun.

But it makes me realize that I might want to take this a little further. I'm working out in the gym almost every day to increase my strength, speed, and endurance. Eventually, I may want to join a fighting club and wrestle/spar with other woman to take it to the next level. Until then - Bob beware. I'm building up my bone strength and reaction to hitting. I will be coming for you....


Anonymous said...

It has been a while since i have sit someone. lol

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