Increase your gym performance with one easy move!

When I'm in the gym, my goal is to build muscle. But let's face it, building muscle hurts. And who wants to work to failure, only to be worthless for the next few days. It's not a good thing if you are building muscle but can't even muster the strength to hold onto a telephone.

What would happen if you had to fight or carry your child in an emergency. You can't leave yourself helpless. Plus, true athletes can perform every day. Besides balancing your strength versus endurance gains, there's something easy you can do to help increase your performance.

It's called foam rolling - basically a self-massage that helps condition your muscles. Foam rolling not only breaks up knots and tightness, it helps improve the quality of your muscle fibers.

The best part - it's easy and you may have everything you need to make make it FREE. You can buy an inexpensive foam roller on Amazon (a great way to use your swagbucks rewards) or you may have something at home that works just as well.

I personally use a body bar and it works excellent! I would guess that you could even use a large broom handle or anything else that rolls. There are all sorts of places to find out how to use a foam roller - check them out but remember that it is important to foam roll right after you workout but before you stretch.

My muscles recover so much faster, I no longer get tight/tense muscles, and my endurance has skyrocketed. You may want to give it a try!


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