Disabled by the Space bar

The space bar - who needs it? Well - apparently I do. Last week my spacebar stopped working. I searched all over online to see if there was a hot key I might have accidentally hit.

I shut down my computer and started it up again. I took off the key and searched below. Nothing. And so I decided to live without a spacebar. No biggee. Or at least that's what I thought.

Obviously, I couldn't blog. Not coherently anyway. I could only type back to people in one word sentences, or copy and paste from previous emails. Not cool.

I could sort of google search - as long as google could figure out what I was really trying to say. Then - my husband showed me how to use an onscreen keyboard. After every word, I'd have to mouse down to the onscreen keyboard and pick spacebar.

I was saved! I could now email intelligently and search with ease. Well, not really ease. Then I ordered a new keyboard on ebay, waited a few days, and then my husband installed the new keyboard.

For $15, I was a new person. It was worth it!


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