Blueberry Revival

While we were building our garden this spring, one of my blueberry plants was demolished. Branches were broken, the crown was split, and almost half the plant died. I was pissed!

I toyed with the idea of buying a new plant, but I have a really good set up with my berries and didn't want to change things. I have 4 plants - a northsky, northcountry, northland, and chippewa. A mix of half-highs, low growers, and one high bush. We get excellent cross-pollination and the best part - they ripen within a week or two of each other and I get fresh blueberries for the entire month of July.

And I have them spaced for each of their needs. So when the Northcountry took a dive, I wanted to replace it with another Northcountry. Which of course means I'd have to order it online, wait for next spring, then nurse it for a few years to bring it up to the berry producing years. Did I mention I was pissed?

So I stuck it out - and.......

NorthCountry Blueberry Bush - amid swiss chard and marigolds
The plant has more than doubled in size! Wahoo! It sent out all sorts of new branches and has almost reached the size of my Chippewa (scary since the Northcountry is a compact plant!). Here's hoping for less rain next spring so we can have tons of berries again!


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