Berries + Fish = Wow!!!

This year, our berry bushes are bending over with berries! The only thing I've changed is using Fish Fertilizer. I've used seaweed (kelp), compost, bone meal, and even feather meal, but nothing has produced berries like this!

Check out some of the raspberries! These berries will all be ready once school begins. Woo!

I am super excited and will definitely be using Fish fertilizer in my garden from here on out! Check out the tomatoes I just picked (just for fun.)
All organic - All tasty - All good eats!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a bounty! The fruit looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome to read about! I'm the manager of the fertilizer department at Bell and have been making this product for 2 years now. Seeing it make a difference in someoneELSE's garden is very refreshing.

Kevin Craig

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