The #1 Reason to Grow Tomatoes

There are all sorts of good reasons to garden, but this is my number one reason for growing tomatoes:
My semi-eaten Tomato, I started eating it and then thought - whoa I have to take a picture of this yummy goodness.
I could go for days and eat nothing but tomatoes. Well, tomatoes with basil and a little feta. This is so amazingly good, you can't even imagine.

Beyond this; you can make salsa, marinara sauces, pizza sauce, chili, roasted tomatoes, tomato soup, garnish salads, tacos, burritos..... the list is endless. And it's all tasty.


The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

It's the number one reason I garden. Nothing beats a garden grown tomato. And not those silly wannabees that say 'vine ripened' at the store. I eat so many tomatoes right now. The hubbs is totally grossed out by it too lol. Just me, a tomato (or 2) and some s&p. Mmm. Oh and just the way you have it shown too. How to eat a tomato? Let me count the ways... :)


Working Mommy said...

That looks so good! I am the same way...I could eat tomatoes for days on end and nothing else!


Midnite Skys said...

I will take extra tomatoes from friends! between the girls eating them like apples or sliced as a side, I freeze them for use in the winter. I stew them then freeze. They taste like fresh tomatoes! Most of the time they are used in my chili!! I did forget about them one time, ended up cooking too long so we made spaghetti sauce from them... But my salsa was a hit at church the other night! I thought it wasn't hot enuff but they love it...

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