Today's Garden Harvest

Green Beans, Zucchini and Basil
Despite wild rains and crazy temperatures, our garden is still plugging along. Today, I harvested a few zucchini (at the bottom of the bowl), basil and green beans.

I also ate a few handfuls of berries. Berries never make it into the house. My favorite haul has been pulling in big handfuls of swiss chard. I love, love, love swiss chard.

Our spinach is done for the season and will be replanted in mid-August. The strawberries are just about done, but the blueberries and raspberries are still plugging along.

Our corn has tassels, green beans are slowly showing up, and cilantro is going crazy.
Our main strawberry patch - it still has a couple little berries left

Our corn and green beans

We have 16 heads of romaine lettuce left (I pick 2 or so a week). Here's what they look like now:
Romaine Lettuce head
A few more garden newcomers:
Roma Tomatoes

Better Boy Tomatoes

Patio plants - catnip, shamrock, basil, and violets

Like any garden, our harvest is always changing. We should be in for some ripe tomatoes and corn soon. Stay tuned.


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