Taking your Family Vacation - ON THE ROAD

Are you planning to hit the road with your family this summer? Because of the cost savings, road trips are becoming more and more popular. We even took a road trip! We recently took our family on a really long road trip to Rapid City, South Dakota. 

I know what you're thinking S-E-X-Y, but hey, we have two young kids that still need to see the world. We need to take trips across this country so they can see all that's out there. To learn about history and to gain an appreciation for all that we have. That's why we travel in the first place, right?

If you have young children, I'd definitely recommend taking a road trip with them this summer. But before you go, I have some advice.

#1 - Be prepared. Pack snacks, entertainment, something to wash your hands, and comfy clothes.

#2 - Make it an adventure. We took pictures of all the animals we saw, Wind turbines, and crazy landmarks. Anything to make it special and adventuresome.

Wind Farms in South Dakota - woo!
South Dakota Bears Love to take Photos....
#3 - Visit all of the places that make your destination special. Do everything you wanted to do so you don't feel like you missed anything.
Where else can you see Wholly Mammoths being excavated?
An "other-worldly" experience at the Cosmos

#4 - Make sure your care is in good repair. We had brake issues and that can be pretty scary in the mountains. In fact, you can even get help from the Allstate insurance Good Hands Roadside Assistance program.

It's a new service offering pay-as-you-go roadside assistance. You don't need to have Allstate insurance to use this service, there are no monthly fees (you only pay when you use it!) and it's easy to sign up. You can sign up for free below:

By pre-registering, you will receive a welcome kit in the mail containing a wallet card, key fob, and window cling with the phone number for roadside help. You'll have the help available in case anything comes up.

#5 - Use GPS or enable your iPad with an updated google map. Old maps are horrible for navigation.
#6 - Kick back and enjoy the ride - you're supposed to be on vacation, so enjoy it!
If you have any comments about traveling with kids or have any destinations to recommend, please leave me a comment. Or if you have questions on travelling to South Dakota or how we survived 12+ hours in the car, feel free to ask.

I am no vacation expert, but I have survived many trips with young kids.....


kimberly said...

Hi Angela - we travel the country full time by rv - its amazing the things that are "hidden" all across the USA! We really delight in these hidden gems because they are usually free or very low cost - but provide us with a completely new perspective of the country! Thanks for such a great post.

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