Improving Learning for Students

What makes a child succeed at school? The fact is - it's different for each child. We have had quite a  a time making sure our son succeeds at school. He's an average 6 year-old-boy and I could only imagine the challenges for special education students and children that come from troubled homes.

What did we do to help him thrive in school? First - we stayed involved.

We read books, helped with homework, stayed in contact with the teacher, met with his friends and had regular play dates. We also made sure he had adequate nutrition, proper rest, and plenty of play time.

But since everyone had a unique learning style,  it's also important to seek out information for your particular child.

Our son is more of a visual learner. So for him, I've included visual and hands-on components to learning. I still include auditory instruction because that's what he receives in school, but I include "extra" parts.

For example, I had him draw pictures to go along with his sight words. That way he could remember them based on the pictures he drew. We also turned a lot of our lessons into games. Games that included colors and physical activity.

If your child struggles in school - don't let him/her fail. Start now and start early. Problems in kindergarten become problems in first grade and so on. It's all cumulative. Search out the help you need. It's out there!


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