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People probably think I'm crazy when they see me out taking pictures in the garden, but I like to keep a record of what I planted and how it's grown. It is amazing to see the changes. It's only July - but who cares - here's a summer in pictures of our garden.

April 2011 - Construction begins 
May 2011 - Construction is complete.

The first plants to be transplanted were our raspberries and blueberries. Here they are - a month or so after transplant.
Raspberries - getting started and preparing to mulitply

Blueberries - recovering after transplant shock. Lettuce, Spinach, and Swiss chard growing below.

The tomatoes are in!

Corn and Green Beans - a few weeks after planting

That's how it all started - but look at it now!
Garden in full bloom - July 2011

Blueberries have finished, the lettuces are ready to bolt, the spinach is long gone, and the swiss chard is still producing well

Tomatoes - heavy with green fruit

Tomato clusters

Tomatoes - up close

One Broccoli has already finished producing florets and it's space will be filled with fall growing spinach

Basil peeking out between the Broccoli rows will get to steal the sun once the broccoli are finished.

The onions and carrots are just about ready to pick - this is an onion.The  potatoes have already been eaten. :)
Look how big the corn and beans have grown! The three sisters (corn, bean, and zucchini) have worked well together. We are pulling out a lot of beans and zucchini and no one is crowded for space.
We have corn ears!

Look how much the raspberries have spread - in only one season! 

The strawberries are spreading and are taking over the rock wall - yeah!

The bottom line: our garden rocked this year. We had a few low yielding plants because of the non-stop rain, but our perennial plants have made big growth gains (berries). We tried new plants (like potatoes and broccoli!) and we've learned a lot for next year.


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