Christmas in July - Is it time to get planning?

It's only July, but Christmas has been on my mind. Since Christmas usually involves travel and stress, we've been planning early. When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? 

For me: it's lights, decorations, and music. But it also means travelling in the snow, sending out Christmas cards, making cookies, and buying gifts. We usually buy our gifts and cards throughout the year to make things less hectic during the buying season.

Around summertime, I almost always have at least half of our shopping done. This year, I have only one thing purchased. PJs for my daughter. I wish I knew in advance what the "Hot" toys would be this season so I could buy them all now and skip the lines.

This is also the time when we try to take or plan a family photo to use in our annual photo cards, but we haven't finished that yet either. So what, right? We have plenty of time....

Christmas may be 5 months away, but it will catch up to you quickly. And if you wait until the last minute it can become super stressful. That means I need to pick up my game.

Planning your gifts, Christmas cards, and any party invites/favors now will save a lot of headache during the holiday season. This year, I'm going to look for Christmas items at Storkie.

They have tons of holiday cards, invites, mailing labels - even personalized cookies!
Who knew that was even possible? I like the idea of having personalized holiday cookies. And I know more than a few people that would gladly bite my head off of a cookie. 

If we plan in advance, we can make the holidays memorable and stress-free (or at least less stressful.) Here's wishing you and your family a fun and festive holiday season! 

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