Tip Layering Wild Black Raspberries - Part 2

Last year, I successfully tip layered wild black raspberries and this year we had tons of berry goodness to enjoy.
Well, it's about that time again. The old canes are starting to yellow and the new canes are starting to bend over. I decided to help them along again and this year I secured the tips to the grown with old garden stakes I used to hold fencing down. Last year, I used rocks. Use whatever you have. :)

Here's a look at my tip layering -
If you look closely - you can see where I took two of the larger canes and secured them to the ground

Every cane that looks "bent over" is secured to the ground to create a new plant for next spring.
Black raspberries do this naturally, but are not always effective. Plus, the multiply where they want to - this way, they do it where I think they need to fill in the patch.

By tip layering them myself, it also reminds me to trim each cane in the spring to encourage laterals (more laterals = more berries.) I trim them when I separate them from the ground (and new plant).


Anonymous said...

Who knew you could do this? Awesome.

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