Yeah Bud-dy - How the Garden Grows

Just a few days ago, I posted the completion of our 2011 garden. Well, I forgot to take pictures of a few garden plants and since that posting a few more things have grown (or died...)

Here's an update:

Valiant Grapes (red)

Part of the Black Raspberry Patch - this year we'll finally get some berries!

Black Raspberries up close (Jewel)

Latham Raspberry Patch (Red - and loaded with buds - yeah buddy)

Fallgold Raspberries (golden and super sweet - only 2 survived transplanting)

Part of the second strawberry patch (variety unknown - from one of my sister's gardens)

Strawberry Close-up


Beautiful Chive Flowers

LaCrescent Grapes (White)

The Second Heritage Raspberry Patch - one of the forest dwellers (Red)

Arugula starting to pop up!

Cilantro leaves popping out - they smell so great

Carrot leaves popping out

Carrot Close up

Berries starting to form on the Northland and Northsky Blueberries (These are Northland)

Romaine is getting read to be thinned (and eaten!)

Spinach - looking ready to be thinned and eaten

Swiss Chard leaves popping out!
My daughter's flowers are doing well -

Chicks and hens

Not everything has worked out so well. We've already had some trauma/drama in the garden.

Our first failed Zucchini - I think it was too wet during pollination....

One of the two Fallgold raspberries that died

One of my strawberry patches was completely mowed down  by deer - it has since bounced back but the berries that were forming died.

The tops of my black raspberries were ravaged by deer as well

This is our corn and bean bed - the corn has all come up but more than 3/4 of the beans have been destroyed by the rain. I'll be reseeding those that didn't make it next week.

The watermelon finally died. 

Then of course, there was the severe damage to my blueberries and raspberries during transplanting. The complete killing of my parsley, asparagus, and one of my daughter's chick and hens beds.

It's always live and die, grow and wither. But would it be as rewarding if it all worked out perfectly? I'm voting for yes - endless berries would be the best. Let's hope for a mostly productive season!


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