What do You do When You are Allergic to Everything?

What happens when you are allergic to everything? And I pretty much mean everything? That's the situation my sister is living with. She's allergic to dogs, cats, pollen, all fruits and veggies, horses, deer..... 

She's had trouble for some time with certain fruits but eventually got to the point that all fruits were giving her trouble. She decided to head to an allergist. Guess what he found. She's allergic to everything. 

And not just sort of allergic. Super allergic. Within a few minutes every single test site was inflamed. Here's a shot of her test after 2-3 minutes.

She didn't take another picture but said the welts were unbearable after the test was complete. The verdict - she's allergic to every animal, pollen, grass, etc. 

The allergist recommended she take allergy shots 3 times a week for the next 5 years. Really? Can't there be a better way? 

I'm not an allergist, a nurse, a doctor, a nutritionist, or a health practitioner of any kind, but I am a mom of a child that was on this same road. 

My son was born to be allergenic. He was allergic to peanuts, dogs, cats, and who knows what else. But now he lives with a cat (that sleeps on his head!), can play with any dogs, can visit homes that own animals, and can be rubbed in the face with a peanut. He can tolerate a bit of peanut as well, but doesn't allow me to feed it to him.

With that being said, here are my recommendations for her:

Clean Baby Clean!
-Dust, Vacuum, wash your dishes and clothes, Clean counters, and take out the trash often
-Learn to clean with minimal chemicals (call me and I'll tell you how)
-Keep shoes off in the house
-Keep animals out of the house (and keep animals like bugs and mice from getting in)
-Vacuum your beds and buy new pillows
-Change the filter in your a/c, furnace regularly (that's every month baby!)
-Clean the inside of your appliances (mold can hang out there, especially in dishwashers and washing machines)
-Scrub your tubs, sinks, and toilets at least every other week (or weekly if you're up for it!)
-Declutter your living spaces. Get rid of old stuff that's just taking up space, inviting bugs, and harboring dust mites.

Protect yourself
-Lay off the fragrances (in cleaners, perfumes, dyes, lotions, cosmetics)
-Get a good mattress protector for each of your beds
-Get a zip up pillow protector to encase your pillow
-Avoid furry animals for now
-Check the pollen alerts for your area and limit your time outside during those times. Slowly build up to being back outdoors
-Cook most of your fruits and veggies for now, and slowly introduce raw food back into your diet

-In my opinion, it's important to be able to live a medicine-free life. For my son, I put him on a quick blast of antihistamines to get over the initial onslaught of his allergic reactions, then tapered him onto a smaller dose every day until he no longer needed the medicine (psychologically or physically!)
-Seek out a local source of RAW honey and see if you can slowly desensitize yourself to the pollens in your area
-Cut out all processed food from your diet. All of it! Anything that comes in a box or package (except meat, since it has to be packaged somehow) throw it out! Make most of your meals plant based (and plant heavy!) But since you are now allergic - eat most of them cooked, but eat as many plants raw as you can.
-Drink more water (not dairy, not juice, not soda, not alcohol)
-Consider the GAPS diet (well documented for healing autoimmune diseases)

-Keep up your regular exercise routine and get regular massages (either from yourself, your kids, or your husband) to keep your blood and lymph circulating (and keeping your body functioning well)
-Make it your goal to move often. If you have to sit for an extended period of time, get up and stretch every few minutes
-Workout with your sister and let her shred you into oblivion (oops, my bad. That's just for my well being!)

-Find hobbies to keep your mind off of the allergies. Sometimes we perpetuate our own problems.
-Focus on living better, without dwelling on your allergy limitations. If you think it - it will come....(good or bad!)

Anyone else have any advice or suggestions. Anything you tried that worked? 


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