Plant Hoarding!

My name is Angela - and I'm a plant hoarder. I admit it. I love to grow thing, It's hard for me to dispose of perfectly good plants, and somehow plants find me.

But I'm on the mend, sort of. A few weeks ago, my sister called to tell me she had excess potato and strawberry plants. I told her I didn't have room for them. It's true, I don't have the room. But if she had been standing in front of me, I would have grabbed all the plants and found a place for them.

Yes, I said ALL. I was proud of my willingness to turn down plants and I told my husband about the call. Later that day I went to Lowes to pick up something in the hardware section. Since I was already there, I moseyed into the plant section.

My daughter suspiciously asked why we were heading to the gardening area, and I guiltily explained that sometimes mom just likes to look at the plants. In fact, I take a lot of trips to nurseries and farmer's markets "just to look at plants."

It's a good thing I have a hard time spending money or I'd have a full out menagerie on my hands! So as I was walking through Lowes, I overheard two employees talking about the plants they needed to throw away.

"Should I just toss them in the trash then?", one of them asked, "I threw out 40 just yesterday." When the other employee told her to dump them in the bin, it was all I needed to hear. I asked her if I could have the plants. I would gladly plant them and take care of them.

She gave me 2 tomatoes and a mint. I reasoned that I had always wanted a mint (at least since a few minutes ago) and I can always use more tomatoes. But where to put them....

I put them in the forest and tried not to call attention to the new plants. Then I was at the grocery store and all of their veggie plants were on clearance - 5 plants for 80 cents. My God - what is a person to do under these circumstances.

I walked back and forth over the display. All of the plants were in great condition. There were so many I didn't have - peppers, purple basil, squashes, you name it.

I finally walked away. My son sighed "finally," and then I was back. I couldn't resist them any longer. A 5- pack of bell peppers was in my hands and I was running to the register. There would be no going back. I couldn't just leave them there.

I wanted to buy 5 of every type of plant they had. Dang it - it's an addiction. But I settled on bell peppers and I sneaked them into the garden as soon as I could.
2 Peppers went into my forest garden

3 peppers made it into the garden

Then my son came home with plants from school - peas, corn, potato, onion, beans, radishes, violets. Into the garden you go....

Peas and corn from school


I wish I could say that was the end of it. But it wasn't. In addition to the full garden I had planted, my entire forest garden, and the extras I had just added....some gracious soul sent me a free recycled planter with basil, sunflowers, and zinnias.
Grow Basil Grow - in your recycled eco-friendly pot

I'm sorry, but I had to plant them. I love, love, love basil. Zinnias are my favorite flowers. And damn it, I'm planting every seed and plant that comes my way. It only lasts for 3 months....let me go all out!


singedwingangel said...

Hey I say if you can put it all to good use and make food storage with your own stuff go for it.. The more you grow the less you will have to spend..

JDaniel4's Mom said...

They look like they are in great shape. Have fun!

Garden Girl said...

So I'm not the only one! So good to know :) Lowes is a very, VERY dangerous place to go as they usually have very decent plants on the clearance rack. What is a gardening addict to do?

Happy Decluttering said...

I'm a hoarder of many things, but my apartment doesn't have a yard to grow anything. So I'm not a plant hoarder, lol.

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