Green Works - Green Tips to Green up Your Home

Living Green is really important to me. I like to take steps to reduce and reuse as much as possible. I also recycle. When it comes to cleaning - going green is a whole new (and sometimes scary) world. 

I recently came across the Green Works Facebook page and if you like their page you'll have access to home greening videos full of helpful greening tips. 

Guess what I learned watching the videos? You can COMPOST Green Works cleaning wipes! Yeah baby! I have always hated using cleaning wipes because they created trash - but to be able to compost them rocks! 

I'm going to give them a shot next time I'm out buying cleaning supplies. Check out the site for yourself and see what green tips you might learn.

**This post was written as part of an entry to the Clorox Green Works giveaway on Mom Bloggers Club. I'm hoping to win. :)


Kirstz said...

Hi Angela I really appreciate your tips and it is also a big help on our part. I also want to have a green home for better living. Thanks for sharing this info. Keep it up.

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