2011 Garden - Complete and Growing!

Our Garden transformation is finally complete! We have four 3'x12' raised beds in the south facing corner of our sloped lot. We added compost and black topsoil to amend the clay soil that's naturally in our yard and then fenced it all off to protect from deer, rabbits, and raccoons. 

Then the planting began! Let there be green -

One of our Strawberry patches (Quinalt)


Roma Tomato

Sweet Corn

Green Beans




Arugula - still not showing it's face


Three heirloom German Beauty tomatoes in containers surrounded by renegade marigolds (planted by my 5 year old)


6 Better Boy Tomatoes (Surrounded by Basil and Cilantro that have yet to come up)

NorthSky, Northland, Chippewa, and Northblue Blueberries 

Romaine (Red and Green) Lettuce

Baby Spinach

Swiss Chard

Heritage Raspberries (black jewel raspberries and fall gold and latham are located elsewhere - go berries!)




Zinnia and Marigolds - lining the beds to provide fertilizer buffer from neighboring lot

Watermelon - on the decline. :(
Missing from the photos? Latham, Fall Gold and Jewel Raspberries, another strawberry patch, Chives, Red and Green Grapes, and the catnip I planted in our porch (so kitty can watch it grow, lol)

Our parsley and asparagus were killed during construction of the garden, so I'll be replacing them next spring.

And of course, I am missing peas. I love them, but will be taking a break this year since last year's crop was so overwhelming. I'm also missing peppers. Until I'm sure how the animals will react to the fence, I'm not ready to plant them yet. Last year, each pepper was stolen by "someone" and I'm not ready to dedicate the space just yet.

The garden is just getting started and even though it's June we've had very minimal sun this season. I'm hoping for a big shot of sunshine to help these plants start to flourish. The "dead space" in the picture above should soon blur into a sea of green.

I already have plans for next year - more onions, lettuces, peppers, peas, and of course as many berries as absolutely possible. And I'll be making permanent herb beds in the forest so I can use even more garden space for lettuces and other plants.

We have no other projects this year, so I'm really hoping we can focus our attention and get a bumper crop. Everything in this garden is all organic, so let's hope the weather, pests, and soil follow through to make this the best year so far.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are REALLY lucky!

sissy said...

looks awesome. I dont have mine in yet because of all this rain.

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Looking good! Doesn't it feel great to get out there and dig in the dirt? I just love the feeling of growing my own food and it tastes so much better than store bought stuff.

Becca said...

That is so impressive! We had talked about planting a garden in the house we have been living in for the last few years but now that we have a dog who digs that is not a possibility!

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