New Running Sandals!

As much as I love cute, flirty sandals; they just don't mesh with my lifestyle. For years, I've worn the same slip on, brown sandals and have hated every minute of it. They fall off. There's no way you can run or climb in them. Blah! They were worthless.

But during that time, I kept looking for good running sandals. What makes a good running sandal? For starters, they need to strap on. They also need to be comfy and allow your feet to lie flat. Oh, and they need to be okay looking and reasonably priced.

It's been the price that's held me back for years. This year, I decided to go for it and I felt like I needed to look at Walmart. Of all places! I never go to Walmart, but I had a feeling the shoes would be there.

And they were! For only $10.88, I finally found my first pair of running sandals. I can't tell you how excited I was! And they have rocked in every way I expected. Now my summer walks and hikes are going to be awesome. And my sandals are going to stay on!


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