Have your Feet ever bled from running?

For a while, I had a consistent running schedule. Then - my neighbor broke my treadmill and I mentally went on strike. The treadmill was repaired but it was never the same. It made noises and it annoyed me that it was ever broken in the first place.

Nobody said this was rational, but this was how it went. So I boycotted the treadmill for about 2 months. But my mud race is coming up and I knew I needed to recondition myself to "go the distance."

So out of the blue, I jumped on the treadmill and went for 3 1/2 miles. No biggie. It was harder than before but my lungs were still up for it. Then I took off my shoes.

The bottom of my socks were really red. The entire bottom of my socks from my toes to right before my heel. My daughter happened to be sitting there and she freaked out. "MOM - YOUR FEET ARE BLEEDING!"

I quickly took of my socks and was shocked at what I saw. No cuts or bruises. Just obvious pores. Red pores. It was almost as though my feet had sweat blood.

Can this even happen? Well - we all know the story of Jesus in the garden, sweating blood, etc. Reading online, it seems to happen infrequently under extreme stress (like anxiety over death: e.g. Jesus in the garden.)

It freaked me out! The run wasn't that bad. And by any athletic standard, it was pretty wimpy. But I must have been really stressed out.

I do have a history of bleeding from stress. The "late-ness" of my in-laws used to make my nose bleed. When I used to work and have really stressful deadlines, I'd regularly lose blood from my rear (and lots of it. sorry, tmi, but it's the truth.) So I guess foot bleeding is my new cue that I'm stressing a bit too much.

I decided to take it easy. I started walking a little more and eased back into sprinting. So far - no more blood.


dor said...

Wow. Never heard of that before. Do they hurt too? Hope it gets better. You run far. I do 30 min. walk and run for almost 2 miles. Enjoy your walks and hope your feet get better.

jake said...

i get the same thing i run for about 3 1/2 miles too i think its to do with our shoes and it is making our toes rub together to cause it to bleed

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