Garden 2011 - Phase 2

Progress has been made in the garden! We are now halfway through our renovation. Rain, 30 degree weather, and blustering winds have slowed us down. Did I mention the frozen, impenetrable clay?

Yeah...there's that too. It's been a mental and physical workout, but I hope to report a finished garden soon!

2 Boxes down, 2 more to go - notice the grave to the right. That's the location for box #3

The blueberries and raspberries have been safely transplanted into their permenant homes (left boxes). We probably lost at least a year's worth of growth in the raspberries and a few of the blueberries were set back a year or more, but most of the plants transfered well. And I'm still hoping for a big berry yield. 

To see phase 1 or my 2010 garden - click here.


Anonymous said...

It's coming along well.

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