Choosing the Right Summer Camp for your Children

Does scheduling our children's activities really have to be such a stressful event? I can't tell you how stressful it is to hear moms buzzing about all the work they go through to find "the right" summer camps and activities. Yowza!

As it turns out, it doesn't have to be so hard. Not in the selection or the execution. This summer, my daughter will get the chance to attend one of the 12 great KinderCare Summer Camps
My favorite thing about the KinderCare camps? I was going to say - how easy it is to find a KinderCare center near you! There are three within 10 minutes of my home and I'm sure there are plenty close to you. 

While that is extremely fantastic - logistically speaking; the best part is the camps themselves. There are 12 amazing programs to choose from. Out of the 12, there are 10 that my kids would absolutely love. The 2 that didn't make the cut are sports focused and my kids just aren't that "sporty." 

But they drooled over the options and fought about who would get to go. In the end, I decided to send my daugther. Both so she would have a nice transition into Kindergarten next fall, but also because I rarely get alone time with my son. 

While she's safely at camp, having a blast - my son and I are going to go on a 15 mile bike/picnic, hike through the forest, work in the garden, swing at the park, rollerblade, swim at the pool, and reconnect in the way only one-on-one time can provide. 

And my daughter? She'll be learning about ancient Egypt, studying hieroglyphics, adorning herself with jewels, and feasting on a variety of unique foods. She's going to love it!

KinderCare recently put out a survey to parents. Here's what they had to say about summer camps:

Check it out here: KinderCare Location Finder.

**I was provided 1 week of complimentary summer camp for my daughter in exchange for writing this post. All opinions expressed are my own and no other compensation was received. Thank you KinderCare for providing us with this great opportunity!


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