Have you ever watched a weight loss show like The Biggest Loser and heard the contestants talk about "getting their burn" for the day? I have, and I've always wondered how they were calculating their calorie expenditure.

When I run on the treadmill, it tells me I've burned 600-700 calories. I know that's bogus and that my machine is calibrated for a much heavier person, but how much do I really burn? I had no clue. Not until I tried the MyTrak m2

Like any device, there are pros and cons to the MyTrak. I'll get to those in a moment, but first, let me tell you my story and what I thought of wearing the m2. 

Like most people, I consider myself an active person. Yep, super active. I was wrong. Just like I thought I was eating a reasonable amount until I actually counted calories, I was not nearly as active as I thought.

In fact, I was downright sedentary. All my running around washing dishes, folding laundry, and on and on, only accounted to 10-25 minutes of actual activity. That's it! It was a wake up call I needed to hear! 

What's more....because I only weigh 110 pounds, I was only burning around 200 calories a day in activity. In order to be considered moderately active, you need to burn about 500 calories a day in activity.

This was a major psychological blow! I thought I was eating responsibly. I thought I was moving enough. Both were wrong. 

How many of you have ever heard someone say, "But I'm active and I eat like a bird....but I just can't seem to lose any weight."? I think we all over estimate our activity an underestimate our eating. Even me. 

The best part about the MyTrak is being able to see all of my results in a chart on my computer. I can see how I've done and see my goal (to be moderately active!). You can set your own goals. To lose weight or to improve your fitness. I chose to improve my fitness and am working toward getting up off the couch and being more active in my day-to-day life.

It's easy to wear (clip to your belt line) and super easy to upload each night. You can upload less frequently, but I want to see my results.

How does it work? 
The MyTrak Health System measures your activity and using your stats (height/weight/age, etc) it calculates how many calories you have burned and how intensely you moved. It connects to your computer through a USB port and uploads your data onto your computer and online. When you buy MyTrak, you also have a year's worth of free online coaching, community, and support.

While you move around during the day, the ring on your MyTrak changes colors. No worries, it's not glowing all day long for the world to see. When you press the button, it will light up. It starts out red (no activity) and you "go for the green" for the rest of the day. When you've reached your daily goal (easily set on your computer and monitored/updated by the MyTrak devide) it turns all green. 

You can see it slowly turning green throughout the day. In fact, if my MyTrak wasn't green by the afternoon, I'd get worried and start picking up the pace. I wanted it to turn green! You would too! 

The only can't tell the additional calories I burn from the things I lift, the food I eat, or the energy I burn for heat or other metabolic differences that may make my burn different from someone else's. You can buy a heart monitor to attach to the MyTrak to make it do all those things, and that's probably the best and most accurate plan. 

But for me, I'm just happy to learn what I've learned. I'm happy to use the MyTrak to push myself to be more active.

I plan to keep wearing my MyTrak until I routinely make it into the "moderately active" category. Once it becomes habit, I'll stop wearing it. But until that time, I'm learning a lot about myself and receiving the non-judgmental nudge I need to get out there and get moving.

**I received a MyTrak M2 for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. No compensation was received.


Anonymous said...

This looks really cool! I've always wondered how active I was too.

wholesale cellular accessories said...

I really can't wait to purchase this device. I am always getting on how to have a weight loose. Until then I was able to come across in to your site; and that device provides me the solution. I do hope so that this MyTrak M2 will be very effective.

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