The Joy of Hobby Farming

If you have spring fever like I do, then you'll probably enjoy "The Joy of Hobby Farming," by Michael and Aubrey Levatino. It's equal parts guide book, instruction manual, and gardening memoir. And it's full of great lessons and insights.

When I first starting reading the book, I remembered everything I love about gardening. And why I want a hobby farm in the first place! They cover every topic: selecting a farm, growing food and flowers, raising chickens and livestock, maintaining honeybees, growing mushrooms....all of it. They cover the good and the bad.

This book is extremely helpful. I tend to romanticize nature. I show pictures of all the tasty blueberries I picked, come up with tasty tomato recipes, and give away endless herbs. What you don't see is the hours spent digging in the hot sun, the time our compost bin rolled over my leg and one if it's rusty bolts deeply cut my leg from below my knee all the way up my thigh, or the time bunnies ate my blueberry bushes down to little nubs.

I hate the nubbing. The Joy of Hobby Farming shares both the good and the bad. You can learn from their mistakes and also remember that it's not all berries and sunshine. Animals get sick. Plants die. Your hard earned produce can/will/might be hijacked.

If you would love to own a hobby farm, I'd highly recommend this book. They offer suggestions on how to build, maintain, and profit from your farm in an environmentally friendly and ethical way. Their farm stories are enlightening and fun. Their advice is sound and useful.

It's renewed my need to expand our garden and look at expanding our land so that we can someday have the hobby farm of our dreams too.

*I received a complimentary copy of The Joy of Hobby Farming for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


Time4Mommy said...

Sounds like a great book. We hope to one day have our own Hobby farm :)

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