I want to try Spaghettios!

Last week, my son asked me if he could try Spaghettios. What?? I asked him where he had ever even heard of spaghettios, and it turns out a friend at school eats them every day for lunch.

I thought about it and I decided he should be able to try them.

Today was the day!

He wanted to try them for breakfast. Fine by me. I heated them up and gave him a fork. What happened next was actually pretty rewarding.

This is what I heard:

"Why does this look like soup?"
"It smells kind of weird"
"Yuck. This doesn't taste like spaghetti at all"
"Well, at least there are meatballs"
"I don't like this"
"Can I stop eating it?"
"Is it okay if I throw this away?"
"I don't want to ever eat this again!"

I tried not to taint his judgement. I gave it to him and left the room. He already knows how I feel about "food in a can" or "food in a box."  Some of the time, I laughed to myself. But through most of it I felt kind of bad. Bad that he was eating it at all. Bad that this is what other people think is "real food" or "fun" food.

But at least now he has some understanding of why I make him real food for lunch. Why there are no packages or "treats." He already knew the "Not good for you" message but now he's got the "tastes like crap" message as well.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad he didn't like them. I hope JDaniel stay liking mostly homecooked meals too.

Mary said...

Brace yourself for more of this. My youngest is 12 and is way more aware of what others in his peer group are eating and wearing, etc., than his older sister was. He still gravitates toward some things that make me silently cringe (can't I just have Pop-Tarts and on and on), but he generally eats pretty well and doesn't fuss about the wheat bread I bake as much as he did at one time. The real pain is that so many kids at his school eat the less than healthy hot lunches they serve for $2.50 a pop. It makes it harder to be "different" at the age he is, I think.

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