How to Make Raw Almond Butter using a Blender (Vitamix)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you love almond butter, then I'd highly recommend learning how to make it yourself. I buy raw almonds for about $3 a pound, so the savings aren't huge, but knowing what goes into my almond butter is priceless. 

What goes in? Nothing but almonds. You can certainly add salt, cocoa powder, sugar, honey, or whatever floats your boat - but the truth is - you don't have to! 

You can roast the almonds and have a rich nutty flavored almond butter or you can make it raw (which to me - tastes more like cookie dough mixed with peanut butter, yums.)

Here's the deal: you don't need to add oils or anything else. A Vitamix blender (or other similarly powerful blender) can handle it.  

Here's a video of me making raw almond butter. I used about 3 cups (measured by a 5 year old - so about 3 cups is fine). 


You will notice a lot of icky noises while I'm blending the almonds (and no talking - lol.) The machine will grunt and squeal until it starts to liquefy the butter.

Once it gets to that part, the machine will jerk and move and make more noise. You'll see me start to let it go when it gets to that point. Then I let it go a little longer so it's extra creamy.

The key to good almond butter is turning the blender up to it's maximum speed within seconds and not stopping until it's done. If you stop, you will overwhelm the motor and be left with almond meal. That's okay - use it in your pancakes  (as a flour replacement.) But next time, don't stop!

I taped myself making almond butter from beginning to end and it the whole deal took 5 minutes 38 seconds. I cut out about 3 and 1/2 minutes of scraping. Scraping the almond butter out of the canister is the worst part. It's exactly like scraping  peanut butter out of a blender, so you can imagine the annoyance.

This is how clean I scraped it.

Clearly, I cold have scraped more. But there's a point when you just have to let it go.

Here's what creamy, raw almond butter looks like:

The taste is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I could (and do) eat almond butter every day. Store it in the refrigerator. I never have to stir my almond butter.

If you roast your almonds before blending, your almond butter will be darker. And it will smell like roasted almonds. Roasted almonds also blend easier and faster than raw almonds. Both options are yummy.

Best of luck making your own almond butter!

You can find this post and other great REAL food recipes at Kelly the Kitchen Kop and The Healthy Home Economist.


Anonymous said...

I've never tried almond butter. I'm intrigued.

5thsister said...

We have a VitaMix...most awesome blender ever! I will have to make almond butter some time soon. Thanks for the tip!

Andrea said...

I soaked my almonds overnight, drained them & tossed into VM this morning. I'm not sure where I went wrong but the consistency is NOT smooth. Do you recommend soaking? Most reviews I read did recommend soaking and/or adding little oil. Where did I go wrong? Thanks, Andrea

Anonymous said...

Soaking is good for making almond milk, but don't soak for butter. Also, maybe you didn't let it process long enough?

Anonymous said...

Do I need to use the Vita mix Dry blender container or just the normal one?

Angela said...

I use the wet canister - I think it would be too much volume and stickiness for the dry canister. Save that for wheat berries or other grains.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I just made my first batch and it was quick & easy. I hope it is as easy to stir in a couple days as yours is. Thanks again!

Mary said...

Mine never got creamy, only hot. What did I do wrong?

Angela said...

You've gotta work fast - there can be no stopping or breaks. And make sure you don't have too little or too many nuts -about 3 cups is perfect.

Kimberly said...

I just tried this and I also got to a point where it was hot but not creamy. It tastes good though! It's thick and mealy but not creamy. Would it have gotten creamy if I had kept going?

Angela said...

That's the trick - you can't stop. It has to be fast and continuous. If you take any breaks until it's creamy, it won't get there. :)

CJ said...

I just tried this, didn't stop, container got very hot. my "butter" is not creamy either, but I also wouldn't call it mealy, more like play dough. Oh well, I guess it can be used in glops or chaunks instead of spreading.

Anonymous said...

I just made this and it's awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn't know it could be done!!

One hint for everyone else - do not overload the machine. 3 cups is about right. Maybe a little less.

f3d8f4b6-d1f5-11e1-b590-000f20980440 said...

I freeze my almonds to make almond/soy milk so to make almond butter I just put 3 cups of soaked/frozen almonds in my Vita Mix with a little safflower oil and get very creamy butter. The frozen almonds keeps everything cool so no stopping and putting it in the frig or worrying about over heating. ENJOY

f3d8f4b6-d1f5-11e1-b590-000f20980440 said...

I soak my almonds to make almond/soy milk so all I do is put 3 cups of soaked/frozen almonds and a little safflower oil in my Vita Mix and get very creamy almond butter without any heat problems. ENJOY

Mary @ Fit and Fed said...

This is exactly how I make almond butter in the Vitamix. Three cups, go quickly up through the variable speeds and then onto high speed, keep tamping the almond butter like crazy. Like the last commenter, I start with frozen almonds to prevent any problems with overheating.

Nicki said...

I have made almond butter in the Vitamix with roasted almonds with no problem. I tried using raw almonds and it melted my container!!! Vitamix is replacing it, but just be careful. I don't know if I will try raw again. The butter was creamy and delicious, though. Any suggestions on what might have went wrong?

Marisa said...

What degrees do you set your oven on to roast the almonds? And how long do you roast them for?

Kai said...

Thank you! Going to try it today!
BTW~ Where on earth do you get almonds for $3 a Lb?! Is that in the shell?
Thanks again!

Kai said...

I did it! I soaked the almonds, then dehydrated them over night, then froze them, then followed your instructions... it's the best almond butter ever!!!
Thanks again!

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