2011 Garden - Phase One

The snow is finally melted (and gone for good?) so we're getting our garden ready to go. This year we are expanding our garden and revamping how it acts, looks, and functions!

This is what my garden looked like last year:
Gotta love the green! 

Here's what it looks like today:

Oh! The Death.....
We are building four 3x12 raised beds to hold our garden contents safe down the sloping hills of our yard. I transfered my blueberries into the top box (the one finished in the photo) and am hoping we can finish the other 3 boxes soon.

The top left box will be dedicated entirely to blueberries, herbs, and my daughters flowers. The bottom left box will hold all my red raspberries. I'm still dreaming of a good place for golden raspberries to grow, but haven't found it yet.

The other two boxes will be a few feet to right of the current garden - with ample walking space between all the boxes and a fence encircling the whole shebang. They will hold all of my tomatoes, peas, spinach, cucumbers, etc.

Like any good "re-user" we didn't throw away our old garden boards. We used them to make our children a bridge in the forest.

To get an idea of how deep in the forest this bridge is, check out the view from a few feet back:

I can't take a picture from the top because you can no longer see them. In fact, they are frequently lost and found at the bridge. They love it out there!

The other boards we pull out will be used as erosion control in the forest.  I am so desperately awaiting planting time..... I can't wait for our berries to look like they did last year!

Remember these:

Here's hoping for garden success this year!!


barbara.montyj said...

That's a beautiful garden!
I love a gardening also and look forward to the fresh produce.

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Gardening really brought positive outcome to the owners. I was able to harvest fresh fruit and vegetables on my garden. In fact I was able to save money because our meal came from what I harvested in the garden.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to plant my garden@!!!

Anonymous said...

That bridge is WAY cool! Great re-purposing!

rawkinmom said...

wow, that is really cool how you built a bridge for the kids!!! I would be scared to let my kids play in the woods though!!! LOL

atlanta commercial roofing contractors said...

Gardening adds beauty to the house. Gardening is beneficiary, because besides from the fact that you could earn through it and save money.

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