Wikki Stix - Let your kid's imaginations run wild!

Please tell me you have heard of Wikki Stix. If not, you and your kids are missing out on hours (really...hours!) of unbelievable imaginative play. I almost wrote about how much I loved these 2 years ago when they were my children's absolute favorite Christmas gift.

And I loved them too! Why? Because they could be bent and twisted into anything they wanted. They could be took apart, repositioned, and played with over and over again. 

They didn't make any terrible messes (though they do leave sticky wax when stuck to furniture - a little elbow grease takes care of it pretty easily) and they were perfect for both my son and daughter.

So when I got the chance to review Wikki Stix's Create-a-Card fun kit, I immediately said yes. I had no idea you could use Wikki Stix to make cards. 

Look at the cards my kids made:

They started on them right away and didn't stop until they were all made. They made every design in the package. I had hours of quiet, non-fighting, non-messy time. Bliss.

And there was so much more we could do with them! Look at some of these awesome ideas!

Who knew you could make so many cool designs, use these for holidays, crafts, educational purposes (forming letters, numbers, dot-to-dots!) Honestly, a toy I already loved just got even better!

I can tell you from experience that these toys last a long time. They are made from good old-fashioned yard and wax. You've gotta love 'em! In fact, I'd highly recommend putting these in your children's Easter baskets!

*This is a non-compensated post. I was sent Wikki Stix Create-a-Card kits for review purposes. And my kids loved them. 


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