Why don't we have a pill for overweight and obesity?

For some crazy reason, I started tivo-ing Dr. Oz. Maybe it's because he gave me free running shoes. Whatever. The topics are entertaining and as usual...I became addicted.

Well, the other day Dr. Oz was discussing combining pills to aid in weight loss. At one point he looked into the camera and said something like, "with all the advancements in medicine, why don't we have a pill for obesity?"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Why is it that everyone is always looking for a quick, no work fix. Just pop a pill and your life will be perfect. Gag me with a spoon! He's off my tivo list....


Anonymous said...

Dr Oz is stupid. The show is all about entertainment and nothing else. Of course he'd call for a pill to save the world. Ridiculous.

Eight years and counting said...

I totally agree! How about stop eating so much McDonalds! Start exercising! Take control of your life again. What a disappointing statement from Dr. Oz. I would have hoped for more from him.
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Anonymous said...

I watch his show regularly. He often discusses the importance of eating right and exercising, and has guests on who he or his staff conducts a battery of tests to check on their health status. What I like is that he and Dr. Rosen the assess the persons "real age", which is altered due to a person's lifestyle, weight, and habits. He then makes suggestions for losing weight by exercise and improved diet. I have never seen him push the many prescription diet pills on the market.
I also like how Dr. Oz uses props to demonstrate medical concepts. One of the best ones was how he used broken glass to illustrate what plaque does to arteries.
Personally, I don't think it was wrong for him to just ask the question about an obesity pill, since he is a Doctor.
If you watch his show, it's obvious he is no fan of crash diets or quick fixes. He is also open to non traditional medicine, as he has had Dr. Mercola and other alternative. Though he doesn't outright agree with everything they say, he does allow them to express their beliefs.

This is why I prefer watching Dr. Oz to "the Doctors" which is much more aligned with conventional pill pushing medicine.

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