When Organic Moms aren't Very Organic.....

I've made a lot of friends lately that are a lot like me. Yes... like the picture. Spunky, dedicated to fitness, healthy eating moms that still listen to rap music and love to garden and act stupid. Who would have thought this combination existed so often? Well...thankfully it does.

I've finally found friends that are just like me....or are they? Naturally, my friends and I talk a lot about fitness,  clothing sales, organic gardening, cooking, buying organic....the fun topics. But what happens when you find out your organic mom friends aren't so organic after all?

A few weeks ago, I was at an organic friend's home. She buys everything organic. Really! It's actually kind of cool. She's read The Omnivore's Dilemma and spent years as a Vegan. She does pilates in her dining room and works out with a personal trainer. I like her.

Well, on that visit we were discussing budgets and food. She asked how I could stay on such a small budget if I was buying all organic foods. And I had to tell the truth....I don't buy ALL organics. I really strive to buy all REAL food (no boxed crap!) but I don't always buy organic. In fact, I  pretty much only buy organic meats and animal products. Holy crap - get out the pitchforks!

It's not that I don't like organic fruits and veggies. It's just that my budget (and the fact I am the only organic supporter in my home) doesn't allow for ALL organic. I occasionally buy organic produce and grains, but only if the price is close to the conventional price. I do grow my own organic tomatoes and berries. If they weren't so damn tasty, they'd last us all winter, but I find myself buying about 50/50 organic when it comes to berries.

I suck. I get it. And I could tell it really irked her. We had both finally found people "just like ourselves" and now I wasn't.  Man, it was embarrassing to admit. But at least I told the truth.

Then I met a new friend. A home cooking, P90X mastering, workout at home, organic buying, gardening mom. Swapping recipes, organic gardening tips, and new exercise moves were our main conversations. I was happy.

Then she came to our home. I showed her my decorating projects and my gym. It was a good time. She talked about her awesome gym. She had a treadmill, elliptical, spin machine, row machine, boxing guy, pilates equipment and the Hoist V6. Truthfully, I would have salivated over just the V6. I'm salivating right now!

But to have all that equipment, she must have an awesome studio! My other organic friend has a huge (but unused - pilates in the dining room, remember?) gym that rivals any pilates studio I've ever seen.  I couldn't wait to see it. And I got my chance.

We went over for a playdate and right away she showed me her curtains and garden. She showed me her projects and a few recipes. I asked to see her gym and she hesitated. Let me see the gym! Forget the playdate, let's just workout! 

So reluctantly, she took me to the gym. It was huge! And full of beautiful bright windows. And........ Boxes!
She did, indeed, own all the equipment she espoused. But it was still in boxes! Every single piece was in a box. If I were strong enough, I would have hoisted the Hoist (like the pun?) into my car and drove off into the sunset. She wouldn't have noticed for months.

 Looking around her home, I discovered all sorts of boxes. Things she had purchased years ago and never opened. She told me there were rooms in the house they couldn't even open because of the boxes. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She wasn't a filth hoarder,but she had issues. Truthfully, I would have enjoyed unboxing and setting everything up, separating out toys her kids had long outgrown and really organizing her house. That, however, is considered rude.

She later admitted that P90X was too hard for her. It might still be in the box. I'm going to try and buy it it from her....

So it turns out my friends are not exactly like me. And I'm not exactly like them. I guess you never really know someone...


Anonymous said...

I'm just like that. I buy equipment and then it sits...

Midnite Skys said...

Here;s a guild to help you pick what you should buy organic

Midnite Skys said...

( I hit the post button to early!!) I understand the not having the funds to buy organics most times I buy regular food too... I am trying to live green but can't afford some of it.... Like a better car.... I do what I can with what I have!!

Tori said...

Wouldn't life be boring if they were just like us? What a blessing that we are all so differently made. I think we all have things we would rather keep secret from our friends, like rooms of boxes, or a not completely organic grocery list, I am sure even your first friend who buys all organic has something too.

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