What do you do with your arms when you're hula hooping?

What do you do with your arms when you're hula hooping? Ever wondered that? If you've hooped for more than a few minutes, then I bet you have.

The short answer: anything you want. But here are a few suggestions - things I do with my arms while hooping.

#1 - Dance. If you have great tunes playing, this may just happen naturally. Let your arms, legs, and body dance while you hoop.

#2 - Strength train. Set yourself up with some hand weights and do bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses/extensions.

#3 -  Stretch. While you're moving your lower body, feel free to stretch our your arm muscles. Tricep, neck, and shoulder stretches are easy enough to do while hooping.

#4 - Nothing. It may look weird, but it's okay to do nothing with your arms while you hoop. :)

#5 - Almost anything else. You can use your hands to talk on the phone, read, write notes, open things for your kids. Really, the sky's the limit. If you can physically manage it, then go for it.


Kristi said...

Hi Angela,

I enjoyed this post. Great ideas! I did a post about hooping....it can be a good way to burn a few extra calories. Adding weights would burn even more! I should dig our hula-hoop out again and follow your advice(and mine lol!) Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

My friends from my past job have started hooping. It looks like loads of fun and they're starting to do more complicated things. TGFUT (Thank god for Youtube)

Nanny Anna said...

Actually keeping a hula hoop going would br a challenge for me...even though they were invented when I was a child, lol. I think I migjt injure myself if I tried #2.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the words of encouragement about 'grandma getting fit'. I am still working at getting fit...who knows, I might even try adding the ha hoop to my exercise...but without the hand weights :)


5thsister said...

Heck...I struggle just to maintain proper hoop balance that my arms are like the balance bar acrobats use on the high wire.

Angela said...

I love hula hooping. too bad I suck at it...LOL. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

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