The Tao of Motherhood

I read all sorts of parenting books, but The Tao of Motherhood was completely different. It's hard to explain really. It was very easy and quick to read. While I was reading it, I felt calm, enlightened even. Like I was sitting in a cozy warm bath, reading by candlelight.

Maybe that's what people actually mean by meditation.... I've honestly never slowed down long enough to think about it. I even read this book quickly. Even still, it was calming and encouraging.

I'd best describe this book as series of parenting related quotes or messages. It would actually be a fantastic source for inspirational words you'd want to put up in your home.

My favorites: "Be concerned with this: that you, your marriage, and your home teach health and balance and truth," "Wars bring suffering to all," and "There is no greater pain than feeling you are not enough."

The book gave me a lot to reflect on. It helped quiet my otherwise noisy life. It even helped me stop and think before yelling at my least for a few seconds. I never claimed to be perfect (but that's no reason to be horrible.) This book is filled with great wisdom. And if you take the time to really reflect on the words, there is much you could learn.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.


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I love your favorite part too.

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