Seriously - how many carcasses are in your freezer!!?!???

My freezer gives new meaning to the phrase "Bring out Your Dead!" I was so excited last week after I roasted a chicken because I was out of stock and knew that I had a few bones saved in the freezer. I was organized and ready to make homemade stock.

So I eagerly opened my freezer and started pulling out carcass after carcass! I had 2 pheasants, 1 turkey, and 1 1/2 chickens! Plus the chicken I had just made! Oh well...all into the pot:

I smashed them all into the pot and made a broth/stock from all three different types of birds. This was my first time making a mixed stock. I let it cook for a long time and came out with a very concentrated, rich broth.

Since it was so concentrated, I put all the bones back in the pot with a splash of lemon juice and let them cook again. This time, the stock was much less concentrated and the bones were brittle.

You can see the difference:
My chicken stock is always very gelatinous (yay collagen!) and aromatic (I add onions and garlic). I mixed these two together and portioned them out into 1 cup jars. Then I made some yummy soups and froze the rest for later.

Since I have enough stock on hand, I can get back to the business of carcass hoarding. Next time...I'm bashing the brittle bones into bits and using it my compost pile. I really hate to waste any bits and parts.


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