An important reason to try Yoga!

Not everyone loves yoga - imagine that! But let me give you a new reason to reconsider it. I can across an article discussing the importance of balance versus bone density when it comes to hip fractures (the ones that land old ladies in the nursing home.)

A couple of key takeaways: in one osteoporosis study, the majority of women that suffered hip fractures did not have low bone density and 80% of bone strength and density is determined by genetics (only 20% is attributable to exercise, nutrition, lifestyle.)

Being a smaller boned person, this intrigues me. I bust my rear in the gym (and on the pavement) to keep my bones in shape. I want to build as much bone mass as possible. But being a small framed Caucasian female, my genetics are driving most of my bone strength (or whatever lack of strength I end up with).

So if the majority of women suffering fractures had normal bone density, what was causing their bones to break? The answer: Falling! Are you clumsy? I am...well, I was. Or I used to be a lot clumsier.

My balance and agility have improved by leaps and bounds since I started incorporating yoga, pilates, and strength training into my routine.  Yoga can also help you learn to focus (rather than haphazardly running wherever and rolling off curbs.)

And let me assure you that yoga doesn't have to be slow, mystic, or otherwise "alternative." I do yoga moves while listening to rap music. I do yoga with weights. It's been fundamental in improving my balance and flexibility.  Plus it's something my kids are great at, and they love to join me in my workouts.


Mary said...

Good advice. I'm considered low weight for my height, am both Asian and Caucasian, and have a family history of osteoporosis. I just had my first bone density scan. I found out that I have lost some bone density, so I'm continuing weight-bearing exercises and taking higher doses of some supplements at my doctor's advice. Can you recommend some resources for yoga? I would be at the pee wee level. Thanks!

Angela said...

I would recommend any basic yoga or pilates dvd. You can find good ones for under $10 at Target (in the fitness section).

Or - if you have access to Exercise TV or a cable on demand fitness section, they almost always have yoga workouts for free you can watch and complete.

You can also go online to figure out the basic poses and add them to your stretching or fitness routine. Good luck!

Acupressure and Acupuncture said...

This Yoga really helps me a lot especially, when am feeling stressful on my work. I only do Yoga every Saturday, but it takes away my stress on the 5 days of works. Also, Acupressure help my stress totally gone.

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