Growing a Shamrock Plant

I've been buying plants lately. Partly because I have spring fever, but also because they just make everything....nicer. Sometimes I buy flowers, and sometimes I buy seeds and plants. A few weeks ago, I bought this pretty little Shamrock plant.

It's remarkably easy to care for and has lasted a long time. The bad is poisonous to cats. Really poisonous, I think. Ours will be moving outside as soon as it warms up. 

It's a fun plant to have around during St. Patricks day and they cost less than $4 at the supermarket (or at least mind did.) They close their leaves in the evening (crazy!) and they produce little white flowers. 

My kids have enjoyed taking care of it, and all of us have enjoyed the color and life that it brings to our home. 


Anonymous said...

I love fresh flowers and plants. I have been on a shopping spree lately too and might have to go back to Walmart for the hanging strawberry basket next.

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