Get in Awesome Shape - Bob Harper's Ultimate Cardio Body!

Mark you Calendar for March 15, 2011! That's the day that Bob Harper's new fitness DVD Ultimate Cardio Body becomes available! You are going to want to buy this DVD!!

I had the chance to review this DVD before it hits stores and it is AWESOME! If you liked Jillian's 30-Day shred but thought it was a little "girly," then this DVD is for you. Actually, if you want kick ass results, this DVD is for you.

Here's what people are saying: 
Ultimate Cardio Body features two extreme workouts: the “Extreme Cardio Challenge” and the “10-Minute Glute Challenge.” The first workout is an hour-long aerobic voyage that begins from the lower body to kick start your heart rate and continues all the way up to the upper body, focusing on key muscle groups along the way to yield comprehensive, fat-blasting results. The second workout, “The 10-Minute Glute Challenge,” isolates the lower half of the body with targeted movements to refine and tone the glutes. Ultimate Cardio Body pushes your cardio workout to the maximum level for noticeable, fat-reducing and muscle-refining results. Throughout the workouts, Harper passionately motivates viewers with his signature style: Push it hard. Burn it up. Sweat it out. This is the ultimate cardio challenge.

Bob is favored on The Biggest Loser as the "nice" trainer. If you think he's nice, you might change your mind after this video. Actually, he's pleasant in the video. But he doesn't give you any breaks or excuses. Being a guy, he doesn't have a whiny girl voice or make any really unnecessary comments. 

He gives helpful tips/reminders - keep your shoulders down, keep your back straight, etc. But the workout is so intense, you probably won't even notice the talking. You will however, notice the time bar on the bottom of the screen and think, "We're seriously doing this for an hour!?"

And an hour is exactly how long the workout lasts. The warm up is quick and easy. The cool quick and easy. The majority of this workout is actual exercising.  My honest opinion is that this video is not for the obese, severely overweight, or major couch potato. But then again, if you are in that category and you do this regularly (as much as you actually can until you can do it all) then you'll probably have great results.

I work out regularly and  push myself at every workout. While I was doing this routine, sweat was streaming into my eyes. My heart rate was up. My legs were on fire.  And the next day....I could feel it in all the hard to reach parts - glutes, hamstrings, sides of my legs. 

This is a hard core leg workout.  Just when you think your legs are going to get a break, more jumps begin. I kept hoping for the ab exercises. You know, the lay on the mat and take it easy exercises.... But that doesn't happen in this video. Bob's Ultimate Cardio Body is all work, the whole time. 

As someone that's used to doing "girl" videos, I was shocked. But I liked it. This DVD pushes you really hard. And I'd bet that if you got this DVD and did it every other day until Swimsuit Season (which is June around here) you'd be in the best shape you've ever been in.

I wouldn't do it every day though. Your body needs time to heal. And I'd take some extra time to do more work for your back and core. Those areas are hit in this DVD, but in more of a get lean, build your muscular endurance kind of way. That's not a bad thing - especially if you need to lose weight.  

I'll be doing this video off and on. I've already stolen a few really great moves to add to my usual routine and have memorized the 10 minute Glute challenge to add to my leg workouts. I love the way it made me sweat and how my legs felt the next day. 

If you're someone that works out regularly and is still "squishy" or you've reached a plateau - get this DVD. If it's too hard for you, or sounds too hard for you, then work up to it. Bob shows ways to modify a bit. And you know how to make things "easier." Work up to it. You won't be disappointed.

**This is not a compensated post. I did receive an advanced copy of Ultimate Cardio Body for review purposes. About my fitness level: I am a fitness junkie. It began with the entire boxed set of Buns of Steel at age 15. Since then, I've exercised to almost every fitness DVD available. I love running, yoga, pilates, strength training, biking, skiing, and all sorts of high energy activities. I work out regularly and consider myself to be in great shape. Things that are "easy" for me may not be easy for you.


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Healthier And Wealthier said...

I'm a fitness least for an old lady. I love classes and haven't used a video but I just might try this one. Thanks for the rec.
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blueviolet said...

I do like an intense cardio workout, so I'm going to keep this in mind. However, I might have to pause it sometimes so I can lie down on the floor and recover.

Donna said...

I'm following back from the Sunday Stroll. Thanks for joining the hop!

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Anonymous said...

I love
Bob - gotta try this dvd

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