The Cat's Meow?

My sister recommended I watch the show "Animal Hoarding." I am addicted to hoarding shows after all, but for longest time I didn't take her advice.

Then as I was skipping through channels, I came across an episode with a lady that had over 80 cats in her home.

The show was boring (sorry) but there was so much meowing, I had an idea. My cat was rolling a ball nearby so I turned the volume up and let the meowing go wild.

I've seen cats on youtube that respond to cat fights and cats crying on the screen, so I thought I'd see what my cat thought. She looked at me, and went right back to her ball rolling.

Maybe it's just her personality. She really isn't concerned with anyone or anything but herself, so it made sense. She turns a deaf ear to any human pleas and requests, she might as well ignore other cats too. Hmm...


Anonymous said...

Whhy are cats so selfisH?

Real Life In A Minute said...

Why we like the Hoarding shows I do not know....but we do don't we. Haven't seen animal ones. Too many..not a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I love hoarding shows but I hate them at the same time. I've had to give up most of my belongings because of joblessness and pure room. It angers me, it really does, that I couldn't keep the things in my life but these people can have them in excess?

There was this one episode where I woman spent 40,000 dollars bidding online for things. What could you do with 40 grand? Honestly.

But the whole thing is like a trainwreck, I can't look away.

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