Mega Bloks Domino Build Game

My kids love to play games. The problem is: we've played all of OUR games a zillion times. So when new games come out, we love to give them a shot.

Mega Games just came out with a new game called Mega Bloks Domino Build. My kids were really excited for the game. They loved the animals, the colors, and the fact that it came with blocks.

And then we played the game. As you may have guessed, the game is a combination of dominoes and building. The problem is - it's not very challenging. There's almost no way to lose.

For that reason, I'd say this is a great game to play with 2 and 3 year-olds. We all know that 3 year-olds are irrational when it comes to losing, so this game would be both easy enough for them to understand and provide a win-win situation.

It's also nice for the kids to have something to "hold" during the game. Each player gets their own set of blocks to "own" and build. But again, the building only consists of 4 pieces and the game is over very quickly (4 turns!)

We had fun with the game, but in the end we made up new rules. We played regular dominos with the cards and my kids built all sorts of towers and "trees" out of the blocks. My children are 5 and 6. I think the game may have been a little young for them.

I would recommend it for around 3 years old.

*This is non-compensated review. Team Mom and Mega Bloks provided the game for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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