Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - Get Fit and Be Environmentally Conscious with SilverSport

So you're going to get fit this year, right? Maybe you're even going to be more environmentally conscious! Double yay! SilverSport may make keeping your resolutions easier!

Sweating in the gym is pretty awesome. Smelling the gym afterwards - not so awesome. Even yours truly leaves an unpleasant amount of sweat and stink in our home gym on most days.

I don't even want to bring up what a gym towel smells like; I'm sure you already have an idea.... It's an issue, right? I had the chance to review the Silver Towel from Silversport and it has made a world of difference (in the smell category).

I was sent two sliver towels. The 20"x30" towel is meant for sweat management and the 20"x60" towel is meant for serious drying. So I took the 20"x30" towel to the gym and put the 20"x60" in my bathroom.

The towels are both really soft, and surprisingly absorbent. They are made of bamboo and are thin and easy to pack. They really do not take up much space but do an excellent job of drying.

Both towels contain Terra Silver which is why they are anti-microbial and can naturally reduce odor and bacteria.  I have been using my towels for about a week, no changing out or washing, and they still smell great. Yay! As a mom that washes a fair amount of laundry, I'm loving it. Plus, it's nice to have things that aren't stinky. The gym included!

*This was a non-compensated review. Silversport sent me two Silver towels for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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This sounds really great. I'm getting them for my husband for Vday

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