Invisible Hoarding

If you're a typical hoarder, chances are you know you have a problem. But what if you're an invisible hoarder? You know the type...hundreds (thousands?) of saved emails. Entire libraries of free e-books.

Too many apps and games on your smart phone. A gazillion texts. Endless online recipes you've collected, blog post ideas, to-do lists, contact information, webpage bookmarks? Cluttered readers, too many email subscriptions, too many email accounts, waaaaay too many facebook friends.

Is your online life as cluttered as your regular life? Or more so? Take a second and review your online "space" then cut some of it loose. You'll feel so much better and may even be more efficient.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am now going to go clean my bookmarks.

Anonymous said...

wels aid. I feellike my digital life is a bit clutered as well

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