The Hunt for a Great Hot Dog (or Bratwurst)

Years ago, when hot dogs would go on sale, I'd stock up. I'd get package upon package of FREE or extremely low cost hot dogs. Then, I got smart(er) and stopped buying hot dogs all together. It was hard to pass up the great deals, but I knew our health was worth more than a few dollars saved on cheap hot dogs.

This week we had weather in the 40s and let me tell you, it was amazing. Visions of gardening strobed through my head, and my husband even volunteered to fire up the grill. Then he asked if we had any brats or hot dogs.

And so the hunt has begun. My usual grocery store started carrying Applegate Farms and Thousand Hills products, so I got excited. Nothing. I've bought nitrate/nitrite free bacon and sausages at Target, so I was hopeful. Nothing.

Our local Trader Joes' meat section is really small, so I'm not even going. Okay, fine... I'm going, but I'm not expecting to find Brats or hotdogs that meet my standards. That means... no nitrates, no nitrites, no BHA, uncured, no huge doses of celery juice, no chemical preservatives. Is that too much to ask?

My last real hope is Whole Foods. But you know how dangerous it is to go there. Especially in the bleck of winter. It's like sending a drug addict "downtown." Plus I'm still against the driving distance.

Perhaps if I can come into some extra money, I'll break down and make a big online purchase at Applegate Farms and be done with the drama. But I must have free shipping so that means more than $100. Chemical-free or not, $100 worth of bacon, deli meats, and hot dogs mean a lot of well....pork.

Remember when it used to be so simple......


Erica @ Just Call Me Cheap said...

I went to whole foods yesterday and bought a package of nitrate free chicken hot dogs for my kids- they were $4.99 which is a lot for me to spend on hot dogs but I'm now putting health above price for the most part. Granted, my kids will not eat these everyday, they are just a special treat to change thinks up once in awhile.
You are right though about whole foods- it is so easy to go crazy buying stuff up. Luckily when I went I had the kids with me and was not able to do any real browsing.

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