Help for Depression

Chances are you've felt depressed at least once in your life. If you're a mom, probably more. Maybe you feel depressed right now. You don't have to.

People in our country are so quick to take medicine for....everything. Medicine has it's place, but I think there's a better way. Or at least a better start.

#1 -I'm just going to go ahead and say it - exercise. Exercise really does make everything better. But there's more to it than that, and you can do a mad search of the internet to find out how exercise helps in so many ways.

I'm talking about really thinking through WHAT is causing you to feel so sad. For most of us, depression should be something we can climb out from.

Ask yourself the following questions:
1. Is (or has) someone held you as their prisoner and/or slave?
2. Have you (or are you currently) being assaulted?
3. Are you starving, suffering from a truly debilitating disease, and/or missing a majority of your limbs, senses, or organs?
4. Have you recently lost a loved one?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then I feel for you - deeply. In my opinion, you have every reason to be depressed and if you aren't, then you are an extremely strong and amazing person. It's not that someone who's suffered through these things can't be happy, but it has got to be so tough. It's unfair and you deserve to grieve. If you can climb out and start over, you should and I hope you can.

For the rest of us; if you did not answer YES, then stop and think about that for a few minutes. Yes you may be losing your house in foreclosure. Yes, you may be pinching pennies or may not be the weight you want or you're stressed out at work.... blah!

You need to put things in perspective. #1 - things could be WAY worse. #2 - anything dealing with money, weight, appearance, or things in general really shouldn't have so much power to destroy you. They just really don't matter. If you're healthy and your family is intact, then please take a look at your blessings.

I would urge you to read about human trafficking, watch a movie like slum dog millionaire, or really delve into what life is like for a whole lot of people. A caution - it will most likely devastate you. When I read about other people's suffering, it destroys me.

I am so grateful that I haven't lived through that type of suffering, but I'm also disgusted that this is the world we live in. Hopefully, by reading someone else's story, you'll be grateful for what you do have.

But know this - just because someone else is suffering worse than you are doesn't mean your pain doesn't matter.

You just need to put it into perspective and then start to take action. And by action, I don't mean exercise, though we all know how I feel about the topic.

When I feel overwhelmed and gloomy, I make a list. I think hard about what I'm missing. What my spirit really needs. You can do this too, but you have to be honest about it.

On the top of my list - independence, quiet time, an "adult" identity. In light of the 4 questions above, these seem unbelievably stupid. And in some respects, I can suck it up a little and be happy with what I have. But....these are also things I can work on improving.
I've spent the last 6 years completely immersed in baby and preschool life. It's mind numbing. But it's up to me to find an "adult" purpose. An "adult" interest. I'm working on it.

Independence is harder. All you fellow moms know what I'm talking about. With both of my children going off to some sort of school this year, I feel like I'm finally going to have some independence and quiet time.

When my children were in VBS this summer, it was so quiet in our house. The cat spent oodles of time with me and she was silent. Wahoo! And it made me happier to see my children at the end of the day - because they weren't bickering at me all day long.

It's possible that you can identify a list of what's really bothering you too. Then circle either the most important or the easiest to tackle first - and get to it!

In case you're wondering, my last list had 18 major things on it. A lot of them require changes I need to make in myself, in my environment, and in the way I look at things. Again, I encourage you to review the 4 questions above, think about what you really need in your life, and make the changes!

Don't rely on someone else to change things for you. And if you have fatigue, lack of interest, muscle/joint pain, mental fogginess, health/weight issues on your list - you really want to look into a reasonable exercise program and possible nutritional adjustments.

This article is not intended to be medical advice.


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