A few Tips for performing a Wall squat

If you've ever watched The Biggest Loser, then you've definitely seen them doing a "Wall Sit." Also called a Wall Squat. Even after watching TBL for years, I'd never attempted a wall sit until last week. What?? It's a solid move, but I had my own routine.

What can I say? Well, I tried it for the first time and made some unbelievable errors. I'm going to share with you those errors so that you're first Wall Sit will be a success. Wondering what I'm talking about? This quick video (no, that's not me, lol!) shows how to do it:

Tip #1 - Do your Wall Sits FIRST. Not only will your muscles be stronger and last longer during the sit, but there's one other huge benefit. I did my Wall Sit after running sprints. Then I plastered my backed to the wall and a few minutes later - I had a wet, sweat-stained wall! Don't let this happen to you!

 Tip #2 - Choose your music wisely. You'll be "sitting" there as long as you can - maybe minutes. Do you want to spend 2 minutes listening to Kenny G? Or...will you have the problem I had and be listening to this. Now, I love this song, but there is no way to sit still during this song. There must be rump shaking and when you combine that with a wall squat...well, it's a little tough. 

 Tip #3 - Be prepared to focus. Just like a plank or any other static movement, boredom can really ruin your workout. Decide in advance how long you will do each move, then aim to beat it by 15-30 seconds. You're most likely strong enough to do it. 

Best of luck incorporating this easy but solid move into your routine. 


Anonymous said...

lol about the music selection. I see what you mean.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I am even strong enough to do that. But thatnks for the tip

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