When it comes to T-shirts, I'm sorry but cheaper is better. I am a big fan of layering and when you start putting on 2-3 shirts, cost and thickness really matter.

I was super excited to review and have a chance to try some of their T-shirts (and yoga pants!)  Their slogan is "The Lowest-Priced, Name Brand T-Shirts On Earth!"

Click over and see for yourself, but the T-shirts I selected were super value priced. My favorite was this 2-toned green T-shirt that sells for $6.94!

If you know me in real life, then you know this shirt is SO me, and not just because it's green. But even the price is SO me.

They have long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, yoga pants (yay!), tank tops, and T-shirts for everyone in the family. They have womens, mens, kids, and even special order group items.

So what did I think of Well, it's hard to get over the awesome pricing. I buy lots of layering items (like T-shirts) and has a great price.

The oddest thing? I placed my order one afternoon and the products were on my door the next morning! That's service!

All of the products fit me well. They were well made, not last forever made, but honestly, none of my basics last forever. I run a lot and keep our house at 65 degrees, but if I get in an environment above 70 or so, I sweat like crazy and frankly, I ruin a lot of shirts. Just being honest. So I'd rather buy "cheaper" (especially pertaining to price!) basics and wear them out.

I liked and would definitely buy from them again.

Check it out for yourself and see what great deals you can find.

*This is a non-compensated review. I did receive products from for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


Real Life In A Minute said...

Pretty cool! I actually got one at Walgreen's last week. White with pink around neck. Unreal but good.

Competition said...

This is very good and nice post.I visited the site it is really cool.


Well I've learnt something new already today ! Thank you !

Anonymous said...

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