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Ever wonder what's IN your vitamins? I've always wondered about vitamins. Where did they come from? How were they produced? And are they even healthy? I'd like to think that we can get most of our nutritional needs by eating a healthy diet. As true as that might be, we live in a very stressful and polluted world. Chances are, we may need a little help (nutritionally.)

Arbonne just launched their new Essentials line of vegan certified products tailored to meet individual people's needs. Their products are formulated without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, gluten, cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fats, animal products, or animal by-products! 

This really peaked my interest because I had never seen these type of supplements made soley from botanical products. 

Here are a few of the products I had the chance to try:

Protein Shakes

These were available in both chocolate and vanilla. Arbonne Essentials protein shakes deliver 20 grams of VEGAN protein per serving; plus 20 essential vitamins and minerals.

What did we think? Having never used protein powders before, I used these in all sorts of wild ways. I made smoothies. I used them for half of the flour in pancakes and muffins. I even sprinkled them into yogurt for a chocolaty yogurt snack. They were really good. I could imagine adding them to our routine in place of our usual vitamins/minerals.

Fit Chews

These fit chews are a chocolate flavored bite-size treat that help control cravings and sustain energy levels.  
  • 30 chews are $19

This was a unique concept for me. I tended to eat them when I was between meals and feeling antsy (not quite hungry but looking to nibble on something.) Or I went for these when I needed a little bit of a chocolate fix. They taste just like tootsie rolls, so not so sweet that you want to eat a whole bunch of them, but just enough to taste a little like candy.

I wasn't sure how they helped for controlling hunger but I did make the mistake of eating one 10 minutes before dinner one night and couldn't even finish half my plate. I'm not sure if it was because of the fit chew or not, but I am almost always a plate finisher.

Super Chews For Kids & Teens
These are cherry flavored chews with 15 essential vitamins and minerals, including
300 mg of calcium (equal to one 8 oz. glass of milk) 
My daughter liked these. She was excited to have a chewable vitamin that contained calcium and vitamins. My son didn't like them at all. 

Antioxidant & Immunity Booster

This  is a 3 fl. oz. drink shot containing juices from pomegranate,
blueberry, acai, grape, cranberry and other known superfruits; infused with
powerful antioxidant and immunity ingredients as well as ingredients for
energy. Each boost contains as much B12 as 10 eggs and the antioxidant level
(ORAC Value) of three apricots, five zucchini, one kiwi, one cup of
watermelon and one cup of cucumber. 
  • Antioxidant & Immunity Booster (24 bottles): $69
This was really tasty. It had just the right combination of yummy super fruits. We usually up our intake of super fruits during the winter, and this was a welcome addition. In fact, I'd much rather use the Arbonne Antioxidant & Immunity booster because it doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners or flavors. This was a big hit in our house.

You can find out more about Arbonne's products by visiting their website here

*This was a non-compensated review. I did receive Arbonne supplements for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


Anonymous said...

Oops,check the price on the Protein Shake Mix Powder (30 servings.

Ronnie said...

This looks great. So glad to find a botanical line of these type of products that are actually natural. I checked out the website and I think I'll try Arbonne Essentials. Thanks!

Deb Gioffredi said...

Thank you for posting your reviews about our Arbonne products!! As a Consultant, I appreciate it very much!

Barbara Pierce said...

Thank you Angela for your thoughts, I am an Arbonne Consultant and many people and even a doctor have told me that "all vitamins are the same", but this is not true..Arbonne equals quality...thanks

Win said...

Thank you for this good post.It is true and fine for us.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I would love to help your try Arbonne products! The Arbonne Essential Line is awesome! Contact me at Thank you!

Denielle said...

Great post! I find that the fit chews are superb whenever I have a sweet tooth or I have a slight hunger pang! Arbonne products are vegan and botanically based so we make sure that everything is always pure safe and beneficial. Spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks I'm a consultant and great reviews like this are a huge boost to these products, once you try arbonne your hooked it truly changes your health and well-being inside and out...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Angela, I am also a consultant and the product is FANTASTIC!!!! Tina Walters,

Heather Goffrier, Bottled Up Beauty said...

Angela- Thanks for the great review! I love that your kiddos had such different reactions. Shows how individual everyone is! =)

I love the immunity booster too! I'm positive it helped me avoid a cold when my hubby was sick.

Heather =)

Anonymous said...

The immunity booster tastes awful, as do the energy fizz tabs and detox tea....but I am going to try it a few more days. If it makes me feel better and gives results, maybe choking it down is worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

So I bought the protein powder (large jug) also the premixed drinks. I was afraid to get wild with the powder but I guess it's ok to add stuff? I like the chocolate better(premixed) fizzy tabs (pomegranate) arent so bad either. Now if I could find a way to make the detox tea taste like coffee I'd be doing good lol!!

Toby Mcgens said...

I love this company. Thank you, Arbonne, for setting us up for success!! We can offer exactly what men/women are looking for today!

Toby Mcgens said...

Thank you for your comments! I appreciate all your tips, advice, and well wishes!

Anonymous said...

did you check the ingredients in the Fit Chews? Palm Kernel Oil....Really???? Palm kernel oil typically is 80 to 90 percent saturated fat

Read more: Is Palm Kernel Oil Bad for You? |

Derek said...

Where can I get comprehensive information on the daily power packs? I would like to know what I am ingesting and the gloss-over descriptions are quite unsatisfactory. Thanks.

Darla Hemphill said...

Great review, haven't tried this before but will look into it soon. How very generous of them to send u a fresh set from their updated range.


Shruti Sanghavi said...

I first started the products to lose weight and reduce cholesterol. 6 months later I signed up to be a consultant to get the discount and make a bit of money. My cholesterol is way down, due to the plant based ingredients, and I am down almost 2 sizes and I am pleased with the results. The vitamin D/B12 spray is great, the fiber really works well, and all of the products are VEGAN!!! I would love to help anyone else feel as good and look as good as I feel. ; Shruti Sanghavi

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Thank you for your comments! I appreciate all your tips, advice, and well wishes!


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