Zquiet Review

If your loved one is a snorer, than you'll want to take a look at ZQuiet. It's a natural, eco-friendly way to stop snoring.

Basically, it's a mouthpiece that gently widens the airspace in the back of your throat - allowing you to breathe easier (and quieter.) Read more about how it works here. 

What did we think of it? First of all, what a great idea. My husband snores (sorry!) and as an insomniac, it can really take a toll on me. He's had a lot of success with the nasal strips but isn't really a fan of wearing (or buying) them.

So we were excited to give this a try. But that's as far as we got. The ZQuiet holds your mouth slightly open and I couldn't take it. I couldn't stare at him with his mouth "slightly ajar" and he felt uncomfortable staying in that position.

He probably could have gotten used to it and we may have had a snore free existence from here on out, but there was one other hindrance to his wearing the device. The box had a small warning about the mouthpiece having the potential to move your teeth out of alignment.

Who knows if it would have ever moved his teeth, but having wore braces and retainers for years, my husband is ultra sensitive about teeth shifting. So we decided not to use the ZQuiet again. It may work great for you though. It's definitely something different and if it works, you'll keep it for a long time.

*This is not a compensated review. I did receive a complimentary ZQuiet for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


Becca said...

Too bad you didn't like it more...I was thinking of suggesting it to my mom!

Anonymous said...

So you took the time to post a NON-review???

mari said...

I got one a few years ago for my husband and it worked like magic! He stopped storing the very first night. It has literally changed our lives! We were sleeping in different rooms more often than not. Since purchasing this inexpensive mouthpiece we haven't had a problem even once!

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